Boat Rental Terms

Speedboat Rental Terms and Conditions Our company specializes in the rental and support of speedboats. Our main priority is to provide excellent customer service. Focusing on how we can best serve our customers' needs, we provide boats equipped to ensure a great day of recreation and a comfortable journey in the deep blue waters of the Argosaronic Gulf, at a very low cost. The passenger limit depends on the type of boat you choose. The boats and their engines are new and are fully serviced before each delivery. Note: We are not responsible for any mechanical or other damage caused to the boat by your own fault during the rental period. Prices include: insurance, GPS - fathometer, water tank with shower, electric anchor winch, fridge, swim ladder, all life-saving / fire-extinguishing appliances required by Greek law, and pick up - drop off.
Extras: For pick up and drop off of the vessel outside Athens, a charge is applied for fuel and personnel.
Not included: VAT, fuel
Upon request: We can provide a skipper - operator if the customer is not qualified to drive a speedboat (a relevant license is required by Greek law) throughout the latter’s holiday.
ACCORDING TO LAW: In accordance with General Port Regulation no. 38 regulating motorboat and small speedboat rentals:
- Every boat hired must have a license to operate (blue license, not green which is for amateur licenses) and must state that it is a professional license.
- The license of the rented vessel shall specifically indicate its destination with the following phrase in red ink: “RENTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF GENERAL PORT REGULATION No. 38”
- Violators shall be fined up to forty thousand euros (€40,000.00). The lessor must deliver to the lessee:
(a) the original license to operate and rented vessel license;
(b) a copy of the insurance policy;
(c) a certified copy of the rental license;
(d) copies of General Port Regulations no. 20 and 23, regulating the motorboat and small speedboat movement and traffic, as well as the General Port Regulation no. 38.
• No skipper - operator
To rent a boat without a skipper, the lessee must have a legal speedboat license or a captain's license. A rental contract shall be signed which includes third-party liability and passenger accident insurance.
Rental procedure
1. Availability request
Please fill in the application form, providing full details (boat rentals to persons under 18 years old are prohibited), exact dates, the place of pick up and drop off, boat selection, number of people, and any other request you may have. 2. Booking
Please confirm your booking as requested in our communication. Your booking is valid for 3 days and shall then be canceled automatically if there is no further agreement between us. Please send us the following strictly necessary documents:
2.1. a copy of both sides of your ID card;
2.2 a copy of your speedboat operator license;
2.3 information for the issuance of payment invoices.
2.4 Payment
All payments can be made in cash or by bank deposit. Personal checks will not be accepted.

3. Security deposit
As renter you are required to pay a security deposit for any damages that may occur; the amount is refunded upon expiry of the rental period and following the final check upon return of the boat.
4. Weather conditions
Normally, the rental is concluded and the boat may sail when the wind force is not higher than 6 at the pick-up point and the port authorities so permit. In the event of adverse weather conditions which prohibit you from leaving on the day the rental commences, the security deposit shall be refunded and you can postpone the rental for another day if you wish.
5. Departure
Two days before departure you must notify us of the planned time of departure of the boat in accordance with your schedule. Upon arrival at the predetermined pick-up point for the boat you will be asked to sign all the necessary documents for renting the boat and settle any outstanding financial obligations. We remind you that during the rental period you will need to have with you on board the license to operate and a skipper license, which must be shown to the Port Authority if requested. At pick-up, the boat and its equipment shall be presented in detail, and a declaration of acceptance of the boat along with a list of its equipment shall be provided to the renter to be signed. Furthermore, the renter is informed in detail of all security procedures and information is provided with respect to the use of the boat and the relevant documents/licenses. The boat is delivered by us with full fuel and water tanks, to facilitate the process. It is worth noting that the previous actions can be carried out at our headquarters on any previous day at the request of the renter, in order to accelerate departure on the relevant date.
6. Return
The boat must be returned to the drop-off point at the scheduled arrival time. The condition of the boat and its equipment shall be inspected on return. We are responsible for the refueling of the boat. The cost of fuel is borne exclusively by the renter.
• With skipper - operator Many of our clients prefer to rent a boat with a skipper in order to enjoy a hassle-free cruise without duties and responsibilities. All they have to think about is their next destination. Boats rented with a skipper are fully insured and the skipper is in charge of everything (operation, mooring, cleaning, fuel and all necessary arrangements). Furthermore, the skipper can suggest scenic routes.