About Us

I-speed is a company, expert in boats and speedboats rental, centered at the heart of the Athenian Riviera, the cosmpopolitan Glyfada. We were assembled, basicaly to fulfil the need of sea lovers for adventure, and subsequently evolved, reaching out to everyone in need of escaping from daily routine. We operate based on strict marine procedures and international guidelines, ensuring a delightful experience where passenger safety always precedes. Thanks to our love and passion about the seas we are in the priviledge to offer holistic quality services tha meet the highest of marine standards. Our expertees is boats and speed boats rental, with or without crew, along with organising sea excursions and any kind of marine related holiday activities. To meet above tasks, we have acquired a new and fully qualified fleet, ideal either for short term hourly escapes or even extended weekly journeys. We also hand pick our destinations, mainly around the greater Saronicos bay home to amazing islands, each with its own architecture, cultural inheritance and gastronomical suggestions. But most of all with more than three thousand years of history emerging from its surroundings. A deep breath of freedom and culture.

All you have to do is select the destination